Life Update

Sunday, March 22, 2015

A few weeks ago I took Maci on her first walk, she was not such a fan.  Every time a car came near she would try to take off running.

The first smoothie I've ever made that didn't taste like poop. It was a proud morning

Moka finally got her cast off!! She runs herself out with four legs

On the first warm day Will and I took the puppies to park. We cannot wait for many more afternoons spent in the sunshine
Friends are for making your mornings not suck. Thank you!

Ashley and I are getting more and more creative with her hair in the mornings. I swear by the time I have my own kids, I'm going to be a pro at this. Not to mention how much this girl loves her denim vest

For Ashley's half birthday and Mack turning 5 months old, the girls an I bought cupcakes. Basically the girls and I wanted cupcakes.

New shoes for my next half marathon, here I come!

Will and I took the pups to the park and had a little picnic

It absolutely baffles me how much a love this dog. I don't know how I ever got a long without her. She is my best friend and sidekick


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