Challenging Myself

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Recently I've been trying to be a happier person. I have a very bad habit of not making time for myself; it has cause me a lot of grief and anxiety. So I decide to make a change by challenging myself. I have signed up for four challenges, for the next three months. 

100 Happy Days
100 happy days is where to post a picture to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or email it (for those who aren't the biggest fans of social media, like myself). Most people cannot complete this challenge do to "lack of time". If you want to check it out visit

Happy Acts
Happy acts is another social media challenge, this abou posting as many as kind acts as you can leading up until international happiness day (March 20). With this challenge if you sign up before March 20th they will donate a dollar to Big Brothers/Big Sisters. You can check this out at 

30 Day Yoga Challenge
This can be found on YouTube and is done by I am using this challenge to relax and get in touch with myself. 

Half Marathon Training
I ran my first half marathon in August and it was one of the happiest day of my life. I had never been so proud of myself. I set my mind to something and followed through. During the winter months my running has slowed down (okay, completely stopped), but I am ready to get back out there and will be starting my training soon.




  1. I think it's great that you are going to have some me time. But when everyone has such busy days it's very hard. So are you doing the 30 day yoga challenge everyday? I am going to do the yoga challenge but I am not a fan of social media so I will not be doing every thing else.
    Thank You! Please reply,

    1. Making time for yourself is one of the hardest things to do, but it is so important! I feel like if you don't take time for yourself you can't give your all in other aspects of your life! It was best for me to do the 30 day yoga challenge everyday because it became a routine, but whatever works for you is great! I totally understand not wanting to be a part of social media (says the blogger haha) I took a two year break from it myself just so I could learn to focus more on myself and the things actually happening around me rather than the things happening on my phone. Social media can be so tricky it brings so people down rather than building them up! Anyways thanks so much for reading and commenting on my blog it mean the world to me!